Darlane Litaay is a performer and choreographer. Drawing strength from Melanesian roots and physical expression to ride the hybrid witch, that friendly magical phenomena of life.
This blog is a portfolio of His artwork - please click tabs in the horizontal bar above. inquiries please email L_darl@yahoo.com

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Video Artworks

Sound Artworks

Darlane Litaay
born Sorong, West Papua - Indonesia
(Independent Performer)

Dance Lecturer at Indonesia Institute of The Arts and Culture Papua. 

Artist in Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig - Germany.
Artist in Theater Studio, Esplanade, Singapore.

Performer on Indonesian Dance Festival - Salihara Theater - Jakarta Indonesia.
Artist in Nubun Tawa Festival, Larantuka Flores Timur NTT.
Artist in Odeon Theatre, Vienna Austria.
Coproduction Fund exchange, Goethe Institute, Bangkok.
Created Workshop Opera Paradise, supported by Ministry of Education and Cultural.

Artist in Theater Studio, Esplanade, Singapore.
Residency artist on Europalia International Festival at Ultimavez Studio, Brussels, Belgium.
Artist in Nexus Art, Adelaide, South Australia.
Artist collaboration in Tanzhauz, Dusseldorf Germany.

Artist in Sophiensaele, Berlin Germany.
Cultural Travel in Ministry of Education and Cultural Indonesia.

Residency artist in Mousonturm-Frankfurt, Fabriktanz-Berlin Germany.

Artist in Namoodak Laboratory Movement, Cheongsong South Korea.

Participate to CPI 문화동반자 Official Page (MCST Korea 문화체육관광, KCTI 한국문화관광연구원) http://www.culturefriends.or.kr/cpi_kor/.

Member in 안동축제관광조직위원회.

Study Travel
(Culture Exchange), Auckland University and Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.
(Korean Language), Andong National University, Andong, South Korea.
(Dance Departement), Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI), Yogyakarta,  Indonesia.
(Electrical Engineering) AKPRIND Institute of Science & Technology, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Dance Works


  • Melan, at the Bedog Arts Festival, Banjarmili Dance Studio, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Horizon Delay, at the Bali Arts Festival, Panggung Ayodya, Art Center, Bali, Indonesia. 


  • Morning Star Dark Valley, at the Indonesian Dance Festival, Salihara Theater, Jakarta, Indonesia. 
  • Rider on Collaboration, at the Nubun Tawa Festival, Bukut Eta Kenere, Lewolema, Larantuka Flores Timur, Indonesia.
  • Merajut Indonesia, at the Bhinneka Fest, On Lapangan Gor Agus Salim, Padang, Indonesia.
  • Opera Paradise, at the Ministry of Education and Cultural Programs, On Kampus ISBI Tanah Papua, Jayapura, Papua Indonesia.

  • Rider, at the Jakarta Biennael, On Gudang Sarinah Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Morning Star Dark Valley, at the Europalia Arts Festival, On Cultur Centrum Strombeck, Belgium.
  • Specific Space Needs Specific Dance, at the Oz Asia Festival, On Nexus, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Specific Space Needs Specific Dance, at the Spring Performing Arts Festival, On Stadsschouwburg Blauwe zaal Utrecth The Netherlands.
  • Warni Warna at the Skyland To #4, On Kafe Jokowi, Skyline, Jayapura, Papua.
  • Kelapa Muda, at the Skyland To #3, On Kafe Jokowi, Skyline, Jayapura, Papua.

  • Specific Space Needs Specific Dance, at the Indonesia Dance Festival, On Teater Kecil TIM, Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Rider, at the Witch Dance Festival, on Sophiensaele, Berlin, Germany.
  • Dream, at the Dharma Santi, on Surya Agung Bhuana Temple, Jayapura Papua, Indonesia

  • Nolat the Bulan Budaya Lombok Sumbawa, on Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat,   Indonesia.

  • Puncak Pesisir, at the Grant Arts from Kelola Foundation, on Taman Budaya Papua, Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia.
  • Telinga Tropis, at the Grant Arts from Kelola Foundation, on Taman Budaya Papua, Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia.
  • Adelsi, at the Asiatri, on Karang Klethak, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  • @yang duduk, at the Temu Karya Seni Rupa Indonesia, on Museum Papua, Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia

  • Pi Si Ka, Performance at Salihara Programs, on Theater Salihara, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Pig,  Dance Performance at the International Environmental Theater Project 2013, on  Namoodak Laboratory Movement, Cheongsong, South Korea.
  • Telo, Dance performance at the Sepatu Menari, on Concert Hall Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta Indonesia.

  • God of Forest, Mask Dance Performance with CPI (Cultural Partnership Initiative) members 2012 at the Andong Mask Dance Festival, on Mask Dance Theater AFTF, Andong South Korea.
  • Kecapi, Dance Performance, at the Andong Mask Dance Festival, on Hahoe village Andong South Korea.
  • Cak Papua, Dance Performance, at the Andong Mask Dance Festival, on Hahoe village Andong South Korea.
  • Mbis, Mask Dance Performance, at the Daegu International Body Painting Festival, on Daegu South Korea.
  • Aku Papua with Live Elektronik, Performance, at the Indonesia Dance Festivals 11th, on Teater Kecil Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta Indonesia.
  • Bahan-bahan Jenderal, Performance, at the Sepatu Menari Spektakuler, on Concert Hall Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • Untitled, Showcase, at the Obrolan Tari TeMBI, on Pendopo Tembi Rumah Budaya Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • nDalem Koteka, at the World Dance Day / Dance 24 Hours, on Teater Besar Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Surakarta Indonesia.
  • Prabumiat the Srawung Seni Segara Gunung, on Aksobya Stage, Borobudur Temple, Central Java Indonesia.
  • Belum Gambyong Pareanomat the Sepatu Menari “G’tar Cinta Budaya", on Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta Indonesia.


  • Tari Berbunga Cinta, at the Jagongan Wagen, on Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiarja Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • Suiwa Project, at the Grant Arts from Kelola Foundation, on Banjarmili Dance Studio Environment and LIP/CCF Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • Teknologi Mengejar Tradisiat the Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta XXIII 2011, on Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • Alfa dan Omegaat the Religious Rise Up for Spiritual (Jesus Love Papua People) with Bumi Kasih Papua Foundation, on JBN Hall Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • Ini Kami Bintang Kejora di Tanah Emasat the Forum Musik Tembi, on Tembi Rumah Budaya Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • P.... Sanggul Kribo = PSKat the Tari Bulan Ganjil, on Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah Surakarta Indonesia.
  • Sanggul Kribo, at the Sepatu Menari Spektakuler 2011, on Concert Hall ISI Yogyakarta Indonesia.

  • The Return Legend of Roro Jonggrangat the The Legend of Roro Jonggrang colaborate with Didik Nini Thowok, on Candi Prambanan Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • Mulihat the Jagongan Wagen Special edition September, on Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiarja Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • Aku Papuaat the Final Project Dance Departement ISI Yogyakarta, on Dance Stage Indonesia Institute of The Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • Sajojo 500 Penariat the 1 Abad Mukthamar Muhammadiah, on Mandala Krida Stadium Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • No Mind Danceat the Jagongan Wagen February edition, on Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiarja Yogyakarta Indonesia.

  • Wayang Premanat the Festival Teater Remaja, on Stage Theatre Indonesia Institute of The Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • Indo Etnisiaat the Launching Jogja Project Community, on Auditorium MMTC Yogyakarta Indonesia.

  • Orang AIDSat the Hari AIDS with KRT Daud Wirya Hadinagoro and Forum Cinta Anak Bangsa, on Monumen  Oemoem 1 Maret Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • Mbis In The Riverat the Festival Bedhog Art Nighton Banjarmili Dance Studio Yogyakarta Indonesia.
  • Mbisat the Festival Cak Durasim, on Surabaya Indonesia.


  • Ba’Abuat the Environment Choreography, on Jogja National Museum Yogyakarta Indonesia

Video Works


  • Redesign Hospitality
  • Undetected

Art Worker of Experiences (selection)

  • Collaboration with Daniel Kooter, Elisa Limberg, Sarah Israel, Ikbal Lubys, " Landscape and Body " at the Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig, Germany.
  • Collaboration with Choy Ka Fai " Dance Clinic " at the Potsdam Tanzstage On Fabric Potsdam, Germany.
  • As Choreographer for "Seni Budayaku Jiwaku" at Bulan Bung Karno On Campus ISI Denpasar, Bali Indonesia.
  • As Choreographer for ISBI contingent at Bali Arts Festival Parade, Banjar Sandi, Denpasar Bali Indonesia.
  • As Performer artist playing role Creon "Rubber Girl on the loose" at the Cake Theatre Production On Esplanade Theater Bay, Singapore.

  • Collaboration with Choy Ka Fai " Dance Clinic " at the Implutanz Festival On Odeon Theatre, Vienna Austria.
  • As choreographer “Merajut Indonesia”, colaboration with KRT Daud Wiryohadinaggoro, at the Bhinneka Fest, on Padang, Indonesia.
  • Coproduction Fund artist meeting between South East Asia and Germany, Goethe Institute, Bangkok. 


  • Collaboration with Choy Ka Fai " Dance Clinic " at the D'ans Festival On Esplanade, Singapore.
  • Collaboration with Choy Ka Fai " Dance Clinic " On Tanzhauz, Dusseldorf, Germany

  • As choreographers and dancer "Menembus Kegelapan" at the Festival Kesenian Indonesia 9, with Indonesia Institute of The Arts and Culture Papua. On ISI Padang Panjang, Padang, Indonesia.
  • Participant Workshop "New Dramaturg" at the Art Summit Indonesia 8, On Dia.Lo.Gue, Kemang Jakarta Selatan Indonesia 
  • Receive LPDP Scholarship from Ministry of Education and Culture Indonesia, at the "Pegiat Budaya" Program, On New Zeland.
  • Participant Workshop "Dramaturg, History and Practical" at the Art Summit Indonesia 8, On Kinosaurus, Kemang Jakarta Indonesia
  • Reviewer for "Nin & Rur", Music piece by Markus Rumbino, Arts Grant by Kelola Foundation Tour Stage, Wamena Papua.
  • Choreographer at the Opening Torabicca Soccer Competition 2016, On Lapangan Mandala Jayapura Papua, Indonesia
  • Artist Guest at the Cinta Para Sahabat Papua, Alenia’s Under Cover Papua II (episode 2), on Metro TV Program’s, Jayapura Papua 


    • Performance collaboration with Hari Pochang, Gita Kinanthi, Ammy Kurniawan, Syarif Maulana, Patra Aditya, Wanggi Hoed, Amrus Ramadhan, at the Hai Bandung Collective Act #4, on Pikiran Rakyat Plaza, Asia Afrika Bandung, Indonesia.
    • Collaboration mask Suffering of Caping dance with I.C.I.D.C at the Anniversary of 10th Culture Partnership Initiative, on K – Hotel Seoul, South Korea.
    • Symposium Performative Presentation “Aku Papua” at the World Dance Allience,  on Lassale University, Singapore.
    • Performance collaboration with Tian Rooteveel, at the Indonesia Lab, on Mousonturm, Frankfurt Germany.
    • Performance with I.C.A.D.C (Indonesia CPI AFTF Dance Commpany), at the Solo International Performing Arts, on Benteng Surakarta, Indonesia. 
    • Performance with Komunitas Honai Action, at the Festival Lima Gunung, on Magelang Central Java, Indonesia.    
    • Performance collaboration with  Lifepatch community, Patrick Gunawan Hartono, at the Yogyakarta Arts Festival. on Taman Kuliner Condong Catur Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    • Performance with Action Community Papua, at the Festival Lima Gunung, Magelang central Java, Indonesia
    • Presentation Work in Progress with Tian Rooteveel, on Studio Plesungan, Surakarta, Indonesia. 
    • Choreographer and dancer, collaboration with Tian Roteveel and action community, at the Festival Danau Sentani, on Khalkote, Jayapura, Papua. Indonesia.
    • Participant at the Choreolab South East Asia Program , with  Arco Renz, on Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia. 


    • Ass director, Harmoni Raja Ampat with Martinus Miroto, at the SAIL Raja Ampat, on WTC beach, Raja Ampat, West Papua,Indonesia.
    • Choreographer, Archipelago Dance, at the Pentas Seni, on Auditorium Universitas Cenderawasih, Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia.
    • Choreographers and dancer, Prayer on Five Religion, at the Peace For Papua, on Auditorium Universitas Cenderawasih, Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia.


    • Composer, music presentation “Mochsa” with Roderick de Man, Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto, Piet Hein, at the Sound Adventure, on Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    • Actor, Evolution (Suanggi) collaboration with Patrick Gunawan Hartono at the
    • Waktu Indonesia Timur, Ikatan Keluarga Mahasiswa Timur ISI Yogyakarta on Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    • Choreographers and dancer,Indonesia Mask Dance collaboration with Ari Ersandi, at the Juang Mountain Camp on San Juang Cheongsong, South Korea.
    • Choreographers and dancer,Indonesia Mask Dance at the Opening Ceremonial Ritual of Hahoe village, on  Hahoe village Andong, South Korea.
    • Choreographer and dancer, Kamu-Flush collaboration with Patrick Gunawan Hartono at the Bizzare On Stage Jogja Performance Art International, on Theater Stage Indonesia Institute of The Art Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


    • 3rd Silver Prize, Place Mask Dance Competition, on Andong Mask Dance Festival 2012, Andong Festival Tourism Foundation, Andong South Korea.
    • Choreographers and  dancer, at the Andong Mask Dance Festival, on Andong Mask Dance Theater, Sinae (Downtown), Hahoe village, Andong South Korea.
    • Choreographer and dancer, at the Daegu International Body Painting Festival, on Daegu, South Korea.
    • Choreographer and dancer, at the International Mask Art Culture Organization (IMACO) International Mask Exhibition, on Small Gallery Gyonggi Art Center, Suwon South Korea.
    • As Speaker, Artist Talk International Seminar at the Indonesian Dance Festivals 11
    • th on Galeri Cipta III Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Choreographer and dancer, Ketika Ayam bertemu Zebra munculah Jerapah bermain bersama collaboration with Ba’bam, Ida Lawrance, Kinanti Sekar rahina at the “Sepatu Menari Evolution” on Kolam Gazebo Indonesia Institute of The Arts Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    • Choreographer and dancer, Ketika Ayam Ketemu Zebra collaboration with Ba’bam at the Artist Residence by Ida Lawrance, on Tembi Rumah Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    • Choreographers and dancer, BULE collaboration with Ida Lawrance, at the Bizzare On Jogja Performance Art International, onTheater Stage Indonesia Institute of The Art Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    • Presentation, dance 24 hours at the Pucha Kucha Night 2 on Langgeng Art Foundation Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    • Choreographers, Just Want...., at the Pekan Budaya Tionghoa VII 2012, on Ketandan Field Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    • Choreographer and dancer, Intropeksi, at the First Chrismast Celebrate on Courthouse Office Yogyakarta Indonesia.
    • Choreographers and dancer, silent party at the new year 2012, conseptor by Besar Widodo, on Jogja Village Iin, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


    • Choreographer and dancer, From Old till young, at the opening christmast celebrate Indonesia New Tastement Mision Church, on JBN Amazing Hall Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    • Choreographer, Aro Yamo at the Shooting documentation Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) national, on Open Air Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta Indonesia.
    • Choreographer and dancer at the Art Mision Visit Indonesia, with Ministry of Economi Creative, on Open Air Pasir Putih Dili Timor Leste.
    • Choreographer, Senandung EKAL by Presley Talaut, on Teater Arena, ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    • Dancer, Negeri Pelangi, collaboration with 16 paint artist, conseptor Amron Paul Yuwono, choreograph Besar Widodo, on Jogja Village Iin, Yogyakarta, 
    • Indonesia.
    • Receive Arts Grant, category Innovate from Kelola Foundation, with title Suiwa Project, on Banjarmili Dance Studio and Centre Culturel Francais/LIP Yogyakarta Indonesia.
    • Choreographer,Opera Jawa Modern by Chozin Mukti at the Grant Arts from Kelola Foundation, on  Soccieted Building Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
    • Dancer, Srimpi Sapu??, collaboration with Erina Okumura (Japan), Ida  Lawrance (Australia), Ank Palmer (Padang) at the Sepatu Menari Spektakuler, on Pendopo ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


      • Assist Choreographers Gol-gol for Papua etnic by Setyasuti, at the dirgahayu Indonesia Nationaly Army 64 th, on Madya Stadium, South Jakarta, Indonesia.
      • Dancing 24 hours at the World Dance Day, on Indonesia Institute of the Arts Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.
      • Choreographers at the “Comemoracao 18’ Aniversario Masacre Santa Cruz 12 De Novembro 1991-2009” Comissao Organizadora, on Gedung Olahraga Dili Timor Leste.


          • Choreographer and dancer, Wong Ireng Hiphop Dance at the Jogja Java Carnival, on Alun-alun Utara Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


            • Dancer, Wira Gajah Mada, Director by Haryoso, on Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Dancer, Klana Topeng (Javannese Traditional Mask Dance) on Bangsal Sri Manganti Keraton Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Choreographer and dancerReggae at the “Mon Décor” collaboration with Vagabond Band, on Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Dancer, Orasi Budaya by Dindin Hersandi, at the100 tahun hari Kebangkitan Nasional on Gedung Olahraga Majalaya Bandung, Indonesia.
            • Dancer ,Senja di Balik Layar by  Melky J.E Neolaka on Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Dancer, Rudal Revolution, at the New year party Outer Space, on No Name Café  Batam, Indonesia.


            • Dancer, HIT MEPUH by Melky J.E Neolaka at the DIES NATALIS ISI Yogyakarta on Stage Theater ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Choreographer and dancer Desember 26 movie production by X-Code films on Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Choreographer, Penobatan Kepala Suku Papua by Elly Rumase at the Ujian Teater Sutradara Maria B.E.Rianduli on Theater ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Choreographer and dancer at “Toursim For Humanity #2” collaboration with Vagabond Reggae Band at the KAMADIPA Faculty of Literature, on Gajah Mada University Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


            • Dancer, Semburatnya Teja Negara Kertagama by Marjono S. at the Hari “Kebangkitan Nasional on Trimurti Stage Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Dancer, Sohe Nyiir by Novita Lau at the celebrate 250th Yogyakarta City Gebyar Budaya Nusantara on Balaikota Timoho Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Dancer, Sonata Borubudur choreograph by Hendro Martono at the Sanggar Koreografi Malaysia on ASWARA Malaysia.
            • Dancer, Pa’Doa, by Novita Lau at the Art to the Earth,  International Performing Art Festival, on Gabusan Park Bantul Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Dancer, Papua Etnic by Darmawan Dadjiono at the Easter Celebrate on Indonesia Christian Church of Gejayan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Dancer, El Koil Oot by Novita Lau at the Sewindu Beber Seni, on Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Dancer, Bale Lahe Deo by Margareth Djokaho Final Project Dance Departement ISI Yogyakarta, on Dance Auditorium ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Pengrawit (Gamelan players), Tari Golek Ayun-ayun at the welcome of Thailand on Theater Arena ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


            • Dancer, Flobamora by Novita Lau at the Open House Kenduri Seni Tiga Saudara on Omah Panggung Nitiprayan Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Choreographers and dancer at the Painting Exhibition “Wake Up” Paint artist by  Danny Stamp, collaboration  with Jepang (Shiori), Timur (Novita Lau) on LIP Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Dancer, Pesta Seni dan Budaya Dayak IV se-Kalimantan” by Hendrikus Landung on TBY Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Dancer, Sohe Igang by Novita Lau at the Final Project Dance Departement ISI Yogyakarta, on Dance Auditorium ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Choreographers and dancer, Three collaboration with Emilly White (Amerika) and A.Aris Kadir (Malaysia) on Warung Galery Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
            • Choreographers and  dancer at the “International Open Air Gallery III” collaboration with , Novita Lau (Timur) and Shiori (Japan) on  Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia.

            Curatorial Invitation : 

            Besar Widodo (from Yogyakarta-Indonesia/2010-2011), 
            Changsoik (from Korea/2013), 
            Bilqis Hijjas (from Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia/2015),
            Arco Renz (from Belgium/2015, 2017),
            Anna Wagner (from Germany/2015),
            Christoph Winkler (From Berlin/2016),
            Rainer Hofmann (From Utrecht/2017),
            Joseph Mitchell (from Adelaide/2017),
            Melati Suryodarmo (from Indonesia/2017),

            Collaboration artist :

            Tian Rooteveel (from Berlin/2015-2017).
            Choi Ka Fai (from Singapore/2017-2018).
            Jean Paul Lespagnard (from Brussel/2017).

            Workshop participants with :

            Sussane Thomas (from England/2005)
            Emilia White (from USA/2005), 
            A.Aris Kadir (from Malaysia/2005), 
            Gerard Mosterd Dance Company (from Holland/2005), 
            Jecko Siompo (from Jakarta-Indonesia/2005), 
            Marion D’ruz (from Malaysia/2006), 
            Victorious Collage Art Australia (from Australia/2006), 
            Suhaimi Magi (from Malaysia/2006), 
            Sabrina LYNN Motley (from USA/2007), 
            Gugum Gumbira (from Bandung-Indonesia/2007), 
            Miroto (from Yogyakarta-Indonesia/2008), 
            Lin Yuan Shang (from France/2009)
            Didik Nini Thowok (from Yogyakarta-Indonesia/2010-2011), 
            Besar Widodo (from Yogyakarta-Indonesia/2010-2011), 
            Jannis Brener (from USA/2011),
            Tembi Dance Co with Ryuzanji Co (from Yogyakarta-Indonesia Japan/2011),
            Bagong Kussudiardja Foundation (from Yogyakarta-Indonesia/2011),
            Nishan Bholan (from England/2012),
            Bongkyo Seo (from Korea/2012),
            Shuya Lay (from Taiwan/2013),
            Titeres Leomar (from Mexico/2013),
            Deborah Hunt (from Port Tourico/2013),
            Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto (2014),
            Piet Hein (from Dutch/2014),
            Roderik de Man (from Dutch/2014),
            Michael Parmente (from New Zeland Dance Company/2016). 
            Nancy Wijohn (from Altamira Dance Company, New Zeland/2016).
            Kelly Nash (From Altamira Dance Company, New Zeland/2016).

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